Reynolds Group Makes Effort Towards Water Processable Organic Electronics

Recently, two members of the Reynolds group have published their work on water-processable organic electronic materials. Brian Schmatz, a graduate student in the group, published his work in ACS Central Science on materials that have cleavable side chains, which allow for synthesis and purification in organic solvent and aqueous processing for device fabrication. Dr. James Ponder, a recent Ph.D. graduate from the group, published his work in Chemistry of Materials, where he outlines the synthesis of water soluble polymers that can be treated with a simple acid wash to render them solvent resistant and functional in a variety of electrolytes, including biological electrolytes and common sports drinks. Congratulations to Brian and James, excellent work!!

Brian's work was recently featured in a Georgia Tech Research Horizons article, which details the thought process of the project, as well as images of the materials and devices. The article can be found here and is well worth the read!