Group Members

Research Scientists

Anna Österholm

Anna was born in Missouri and raised mainly in southern Finland and for awhile southern California. She received her PhD in Analytical Chemistry with a focus on conjugated polymer electrochemistry in 2011 from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. Anna is currently a senior research scientist in the Reynolds group and leads the research efforts in the areas of charge storage, electrochromism, and polymer electrochemistry. She loves cooking and everything food related ,and enjoys traveling the world (especially by train) in search of new foods and other weird experiences.          


Eric Shen

Eric received his B.A. in English from Rice and then went on to pursue a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry at the University of Florida, graduating in 2011. After 1.5 years at Georgia Tech as a research engineer, he joined BASF in Germany as a postdoctoral researcher in organic electronics. Eric then returned to Georgia Tech and the Reynolds group where he is currently working as a research scientist focusing on electrochromic materials and devices.          



Michel de Keersmaecker

Michel was born and raised in Belgium. He received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2015 from Ghent University studying various electrochemistry and surface analysis techniques on metal substrates. He started as a postdoctoral fellow in the Reynolds group to work in the areas of electrochromic devices and conjugated polymer electrochemistry.


Graham Collier

Graham, originally from Fayetteville, NC, received his B.S. in chemistry in 2011 from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Upon graduation, Graham enrolled in the Master of Science program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and studied porphyrin chromophores under the direction of Dr. Michael Walter. After graduating in 2013, Graham enrolled in the chemistry Ph.D. program at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a concentration in polymer chemistry. Graham’s dissertation entailed studying structure-property relationships of purine-based polymers and chromophores under the guidance of Dr. Mike Kilbey. Graham received his Ph.D. in 2017 and joined the Reynolds Research Group as a Postdoctoral Research Associate studying conjugated polymers for electrochromism.


Zach Seibers

Zach was born in Mississippi and raised in Tennessee. In 2011, he received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Tennessee Technological University. After a brief stent in industry as a consultant, he chose to enroll in The University of Tennessee's Energy Science & Engineering Ph.D. program with a concentration in materials science. His dissertation focused on investigating strategies to control the morphological behavior of organic solar cells and was performed under the direction of Dr. Mike Kilbey. After graduating in December 2016, Zach attended a short-term postdoc program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Macromolecular Nanomaterials group where he specialized in mass spectroscopy analysis of polymers. Zach joined the Reynolds group as a postdoc in October of 2017 and is currently developing radiation shielding materials for space applications.


Austin Jones

Austin was born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland and received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Frostburg State University in 2013. Afterword, he pursued a Ph.D. at the University of Florida under the direction of Professor Kirk Schanze studying photoinduced electron transfer in conjugated oligomers. He was awarded his Ph.D. in December of 2017 and joined the Reynolds group shortly after in January 2018 as a postdoc. Austin’s current work focuses on synthesizing new conjugated polymers for nonfullerene organic photovoltaics.


Graduate Students



Sandy Pittelli

Sandy was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. She joined the Reynolds group after graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Chemistry. Her research focuses on the chemical oxidation of electrochromic and conducting polymers.


Ian Pelse

Ian was born in New Jersey and received his undergraduate chemistry degree from Bard College in NY, working on high resolution direct laser writing methods under Dr. Chris LaFratta. He joined the Reynolds group in Fall 2014 to work on characterization, performance, and morphology of semiconducting polymers.



Gus Lang

Gus was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from USC where he worked with fiber reinforced composite materials. He joined the Reynolds group in the fall of 2015. His research focuses on studying conductive cellulose based substrates for electrochromic and energy storage devices.



Linda Nhon

Linda was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. She attended the University of Florida where she received her B.S. in Microbiology and Cell Science. She joined the Reynold’s group in Fall 2015. Linda’s research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of chromophore/catalyst assemblies used in dye sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cells.



Lisa Savagian

Lisa joined the Reynolds Group in 2016 as a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering. Before earning her B.S. in Chemistry from Hope College in 2016, she conducted research at the University of Strathcylde, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Lisa's work in the Reynolds Group aims to develop processing and patterning methods for conjugated polymer-based devices.



Abigail Advincula

Abigail joined the Reynolds Group in 2016 as a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering. She completed her B.S.E. in Polymer Science & Engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. During her time there, she worked in a tissue engineering laboratory under Professor Jon Pokorski and completed summer research experiences at The Lubrizol Corporation and Texas A&M. The focus of Abigail's work in the Reynolds Group is on synthesis and characterization of bulk heterojunction polymers for organic photovoltaics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and running.



Brandon DiTullio

Brandon is from Charleston, South Carolina. He completed both his B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry at Furman University. Working in tandem with Drs. Timothy Hanks and Paul Molino, Brandon conducted research in the area of organic, conductive polymer synthesis and characterization. He joined the Reynolds group in the fall of 2017, and plans to work on synthesizing and characterizing polymers for use in biotechnology.



Austin Bassett

Austin was born in Utah and raised in Nevada. He received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Nevada-Reno (UNR). During his time at UNR he worked in Dr Wesley Chalifoux’s lab synthesizing modified nanographenes. He joined the Reynolds Group to synthesize conjugated polymers for elechromic purposes.



Josh Rinehart

Josh was born in York, Pennsylvania. In the spring of 2019, he graduated with his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State University, studying single-ion conducting polymers under the advisement of Dr. Robert Hickey and Dr. Ralph Colby. He joined the Reynolds group in the fall of 2019 and plans to study the thermal and electronic properties of conjugated polymers for thermoelectric applications.



Undergraduate Students

Simone Tennyson

Simone Lena Tennyson was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She completed high school in Spring 2017 with a dual enrollment program at Georgia State University and began at Georgia Tech in the Fall 2017 semester as a junior. She joined the Reynolds group in Fall 2017. Simone plans to complete her BS in Chemistry with a concentration in Materials and Polymer Science and continue to graduate school.



Elin Howard

Elin was raised in Aberdeen, Scotland and her family is from Norway and the United States. She is currently a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology working towards a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. She joined the Reynolds group in Fall 2018 and is working on the synthesis and characterization of a family of electrochromic polymers.



Anna Dillon

Anna was raised in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. She is currently a junior working toward a BS in Chemistry. She plans to attend graduate school after finishing her degree. Anna joined the Reynolds group in Spring 2019.



Elliot Brim

Elliot Brim was born just an hour away in Suwanee, Georgia and have lived there all of his life. He is finishing his third and final year of my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is working with Zach Seibers on producing polymer-graphene composites for purposes of radiation shielding. He deeply enjoys exploring new places, and look forward to where his next stint in education will take me as he will pursue graduate school.