• Visit to PPG | 05/05/2016

    Dr. John Reynolds visited PPG Industries Inc. and enjoyed reconnecting with Reynolds group PhD alumni Irina Schwendeman, Christophe Grenier, Egle Puodziukynaite, and Romain Stalder.

  • Congratulations to Kin, Sandy, and Brian! | 05/05/2016

    Congrats to Kin Lo for being accepted as a finalist for the 2016 Eastman Chemical Award! Kin will present at the Eastman Chemical Student Award Symposium at the August national ACS meeting in Philadelphia.

    Congrats to Sandy Pittelli for passing her qualifying exams! Sandy is now an official PhD candidate!

    Congrats to Brian Schmatz for being accepted into the Georgia Tech School of Business TI:GER program! Beginning in Fall 2016, Brian will be learning about innovation management with GT MBA students and Emory Law students.

    Congrats again to all!

  • Michel de Keersmaecker joins as a PostDoc! | 02/12/2016

    The Reynolds Group is happy to welcome Michel de Keersmaecker as a postdoctoral fellow! Michel was born and raised in Belgium. He received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2015 from Ghent University studying various electrochemistry and surface analysis techniques on metal substrates. His focus in the group will be on electrochromic devices & polymer electrochemistry

  • Happy New Year from the Reynolds Group! | 01/04/2016

    Happy New Year!

    As we enter 2016, the Reynolds group says good bye and good luck to Ray Bulloch and Nabankur Deb, who are both headed off to Portland, OR to start research positions with Intel.

  • Congrats to Natasha Teran for successfully defending her PhD | 10/28/2015

    Congratulations to Dr. Natasha Teran who successfully defended her PhD!

    Natasha joined the Reynolds group in 2010 at the University of Florida, made the move to Georgia Tech, and worked on the synthesis and characterization of telechelic donor-acceptor oligomers and polymers, chromophores for nonlinear optics, and host materials for OLEDS; just to name a few.

    Congratulations again to Natasha!

  • Electrochromics on GT Website | 10/12/2015

    Check out this article from the GT website that highlights the electrochromic research performed in the Reynolds group!

  • Dylan wins VWR Safety Award | 10/06/2015

    Congratulations to Dylan Christiansen who recently won the VWR Safety Award! 

    Dylan has served as the Reynolds group Safety Officer since his first summer in the group, and has done an excellent job keeping the Reynolds lab a safe place to work. Congrats Dylan!

  • The group welcomes new members | 09/04/2015

    The group welcomes Gus Lang, a 1st year MSE graduate student who has officially joined the group. 

    Welcome to Dr. Bing Xu, the groups new synthetic PostDoc! Bing received her PhD in Chemistry from USC under Dr. Barry Thompson (a Reynolds alumni himself). Bing will be working in the synthesis lab on new materials for OPV. 

    Welcome to Dr. Nabankur Deb, our newest PostDoc! Nabankur recently finished his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering under Dr. David Bucknall at Georgia Tech, and will be joining the OPV device effort in the group.

  • Hayden Black accepts position at Sandia | 09/04/2015

    Congratulations to Dr. Hayden Black who has recently accepted a senior staff position at Sandia National Laboratories! Good luck in New Mexico! 

  • Ray Bulloch receives PhD | 09/04/2015

    Congratulations to Dr. Ray Bulloch who has successfully defended his PhD!