• Reynolds Group Makes Effort Towards Water Processable Organic Electronics | 08/18/2017

    Recently, two members of the Reynolds group have published their work on water-processable organic electronic materials. Brian Schmatz, a graduate student in the group, published his work in ACS Central Science on materials that have cleavable side chains, which allow for synthesis and purification in organic solvent and aqueous processing for device fabrication. Dr. James Ponder, a recent Ph.D. graduate from the group, published his work in Chemistry of Materials, where he outlines the synthesis of water soluble polymers that can be treated with a simple acid wash to render them solvent resistant and functional in a variety of electrolytes, including biological electrolytes and common sports drinks. Congratulations to Brian and James, excellent work!!

    Brian's work was recently featured in a Georgia Tech Research Horizons article, which details the thought process of the project, as well as images of the materials and devices. The article can be found here and is well worth the read!

  • The Reynolds Group Welcomes New Members! | 08/18/2017

    Everyone in the Reynolds Research Group would like to welcome Dr. Graham Collier, Brandon DiTullio, and Shunichiro Ito. All three will be joining our synthetic effort on conjugated organic materials! Welcome all!

  • Reynolds Group Members Attend The Southeast Polymer Forum in Blacksburg Virginia! | 06/08/2017

    Dr. Reynolds and four graduate students in the Reynolds group, Linda Nhon, Melony Ochieng, Sandy Pittelli and Ian Pelse, attended the second Southeast Polymer Forum at Virginia Tech in early June. Each graduate student presented a poster representing their work in the group. There was also plenty of opportunity to network and learn from other graduate students and professors from Virginia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill and the University of Tennessee!

  • Dr. John R. Reynolds Admitted as RSC Fellow | 06/08/2017

    This past May, Dr. Reynolds was admitted as a fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry! Congratulations Dr. Reynolds!

  • Brian Schmatz Recieves 2017 VWR Spring Award for Sustainability! | 05/15/2017

    Brian Schmatz, a fourth year graduate student in the RRG just recieved the 2017 VWR Award for Sustainability! The school safety and sustainability committee unanimously recommended Brian for this award for his efforts and leadership towards sustainable practices at the institute. Brian has put forth effort towards a glove recycling program, developing lectures on sustainability, and participated in the "green labs" program initiative. Congrats Brian!

  • Brian Schmatz and Gus Lang Selected as Finalists in Eastman Chemical Award! | 04/05/2017

    Congratulations to Brian Schmatz and Gus Lang! Both Reynolds research group members were selected as finalists in the Eastman Chemical Award and will have their expenses paid to travel to Washington DC for the national ACS meeting in August!

    Good luck to you both!

  • Dr. Reynolds Named 2017 MRS Fellow! | 03/24/2017

    Dr. John R. Reynolds was recently named an MRS 2017 Fellow for his contributions in "developing the materials science of pi-conjugated polymers with electrochromic, redox charge storage, photovoltaic, and charge transporting properties". The MRS Fellow program honors MRS members who are notable for their distinguished research accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research worldwide. Congratulations Dr. Reynolds!

    The full article and other 2017 MRS Fellows can be found here.

  • The Reynolds Group Goes Bowling! | 03/24/2017

    In honor of "spring no class week" the group went bowling at Midtown Bowl for group meeting. Great times were had by all!

  • Congratulations to Gus Lang and Dr. Reynolds journeys to UCSB! | 03/13/2017

    Second year materials science and engineering graduate student, Gus Lang, recently won a poster award at the annual poster session at the Renewable Bioproducts Institute (RBI) at Georgia Tech. Gus' poster was among the top 6 out of about 35 posters in the whole session. Congrats Gus!

    Also, Dr. Reynolds recently gave a lecture at UCSB about the work that goes on in the Reynolds Research Group. The talk can be viewed using the following link:

    Dr. Reynolds @ UCSB

  • Dr. Reynolds Journeys to India! | 02/13/2017

    John Reynolds made an early 2017 trip to India where he had the opportunity to speak at MACRO 2017,  along with visiting Prof. Anil Kumar (IIT-Bombay) and Prof. S. (RK) Ramakrishnan (IISc-Bangalore). Highlights of the trip included an overnight house boat ride on the backwaters of Kerala, seeing the rising Chemistry building at IISc, traveling with Prof. Mohan Srinivasarao (Georgia Tech), reconnecting with Reynolds Group members Anjan Ray, N. (Sundar) Sundaresan, and Rishabh Kothari, and of course, plenty of excellent food.