Office 365

Migration to Office 365 is largely complete.  Migration specific information and links have been moved here


Client Configuration




Client Configuration

NOTE:  During the initial transition, you may need to use the web interface until support staff can get to you if you need assistance setting up one of the other clients.  Your patience during this transition time is appreciated.

The links below provide instructions for configuring various clients.  Use of the Web Interface or Outlook is strongly encouraged in order to provide the fullest experience and features.  Configuring clients as an Exchange/ActiveSync client is generally preferred regardless of the client.

Web Interface - Nothing to configure


Outlook for Mac


Mac Mail Client

Mobile Devices

Other Clients (IMAP & Address Book)



How do I create filters?

How do I add a signature?

How do I configure an automatic reply?

How do I search for emails or people?



How do I open resource calendars or other user's calendars?

How do I delegate/share my calendar with others?

How do I schedule a resource or a meeting with others?


Store and Forward

"Store and Forward" allows you to store your email messages in one mailbox while sending an additional copy of all messages to another email account.