Our Nature Nanotechnology paper on TENG-MS receives coverage by IEEE Spectrum, ChemEurope,, Physics World, Science Daily, World News, DoE, The Analytical Scientist, and Chemical and Engineering News (lead story, also translated to Spanish). February 2017.

Our work on counterfeit antimalarial detection is showcased by NSF during National Chemistry Week 2016.

Our work on counterfeit antimalarial detection is showcased in the February 2016 issue of “the Prospect”: “Losing the War on Drugs”, by Elisabeth Pisani.

Our metabolomic test for early detection of ovarian cancer receives abundant coverage in the media.,,,

Our Robotic Sampling work is showcased in the Ying-Yang Podcast (

Our Angewandte Chemie article on peptide origin (depsipeptides) is covered by C&EN News. July 2015.

Our Analyst RoPPI paper is selected as part of the virtual Analyst issue highlighting fundamental and applied analytical sciences by researchers based in the US, June 2015.

Our group contributes with 5 papers to special issue on Counterfeit Drugs and Drug quality to appear in AJTMH in June 2015, receives ample press coverage:



International Business Times/UK:

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Our paper on imaging of granite surfaces used in model prebiotic reactions is selected for Analytical Chemistry’s virtual issue on Ionization Methods in Mass Spectrometry., April 2015.

Our paper on prostate cancer detection is selected for Analytical Chemistry & Journal of Proteome’s Research virtual issue in Metabolomics., February 2015.

Our Angewandte Chemie article on the Miller-Urey experiment (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201403683) receives coverage in C&EN News.

Our 2014 PNAS paper on plankton metabolomics receives strong press coverage, being the top article on the Science 360 website of NSF.

Our PLOS One paper on counterfeit contraceptive drugs is covered by NPR, CNN en Español, Associated Press, e! Science News, Medical Daily, USA News, Science Newsline, Health Magazine, Reddit,  BlueScience, The Washington Post, Today Brazil, Israel Herald, Vox, The Verge, Quartz, Popular Science, and many others.

Our Analyst article on 3D Imaging is featured in the Analyst cover and as a Hot Topic in the Analyst blog. Covered by many press outlets.

Our JoVE article "Conducting Miller-Urey Experiments" is highlighted in the Chemistry editor's picks collection (, 02/24/14. A press release on the same article published on 01/21/14 (

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Interview with show “Tonic” (Australian Broadcasting television), February 15th, 2013 on multi-tiered counterfeit drug detection technologies.

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Our Malaria J. article “Poor quality vital anti-malarials in Africa - an urgent neglected public health priority” is showcased by the BBC:, Oxford University news:, Oxford Science Blog:, The Guardian, BBC World Service , ABC News (Australia),

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SciDev, EurekaAlert, ScienceMag and more than other 50 sites cover the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) presentation of joint research with Prof. Julia Kubanek on imaging of natural metabolites of marine algae with potent antimalarial properties.

C&EN News covers of joint work with the CDC on Detection of Staph via isotopically-labeled PAD. "Desperately Seeking Staphylococci", Jeffrey M. Perkel, February 2011.

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Interview on fake drug detection by Estela Gonzalez, Atlanta Latino (09/04/09).

Interview on fake drug detection by Jon Kabira, J-WAVE, Tokyo, Japan (09/03/09)

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Our PLoS Medicine article (PLoS Med., 2008, 5, e32), is featured in Nature, Science, New Scientist, and the Independent. It was also covered by the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and in the Scientific American. Reuters covered the paper and this was reproduced in the Guardian business section and in The Mirror in the UK. The National Post in Canada used the Reuters story and a close up of a fake artesunate tablet.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC-TV) airs the short “Deadly Fakes” partly filmed in our GT labs, 12/06/07.

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A replica mass spectrometer simulating the ones used in the investigation of fake artesunate antimalarials by our group is built by graduate students in Fernández’s group and displayed at the “Medicine Now” exhibit housed by the Wellcome Trust Collection, in London, UK. The items contained in this display are portrayed as “the most sobering” in the exhibit, by the Media Watch section of the Lancet Inf. Dis., 7(9), 2007.

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