Fernandez group members


Dr. David Gaul (email)
Research Scientist


Dr. Li Li (email)
Research Scientist

Dr. Molly Soper-Hopper (email)
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Anyin Li (email)
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Marcos Bouza-Areces (email)
Postdoctoral Fellow



Dr. Chaevien Clendinen (email)
Postdoctoral Fellow



Danning Huang (email)
Graduate Student

Stephen Zambrzycki (email)
Graduate Student

Xiaoling Zang  (email)
Graduate Student

Kristin McKenna (email)
Graduate Student


Scott Hogan (email)
Graduate Student

Coadvised with M. LaPlaca



Dedra Eichstedt (email)
Graduate Student

Co-advised with Amanda Stockton


David Donndelinger  (email)
Graduate Student

Laura Winalski
Undergraduate Student

Samantha Torres
Undergraduate Student

Fernandez Lab Alumni

Research Scientists

Jennifer Pitman 2014-2015  
Prabha Dwivedi 2011-2014  
Rosana Alberici 2013-2014  
Manshui Zhou 2010-2013  
Chaminda Gamage 2012-2013



Martin Paine 2014-2016

ASMS Postdoctoral Award 2015

Jay Forsythe 2014-2016  
Matthew Bernier 2014-2016  
Julia Culzoni 2012-2013  
Maria Eugenia Monge 2012-2013  
Asiri Galhena 2008-2011  
Manshui Zhou 2007-2009  

Graduate Students

JazzLynn Murphy  M.Sc. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2014-2016)  
Joel Keelor Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2010-2016) 2013 GTIRC Travel Award Winner
Eric Parker Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2012-2016)

2017 ACS Astrochemistry Outstanding Dissertation Award

2014 Astrobiology Winter School Fellowship Winner

2013 GTIRC Fellowship Winner

NAI Fellowship for “Origins of the building blocks of life)-2012, Spain

NASA Planet Biology Internship

Ezequiel Morzan Ph.D. student (University of Buenos Aires, co-advised with Prof. Mabel Tudino, 2012-)  
Jose Perez M. Sc. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2007-2016)  
Christina Jones Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2009-2015)

2013 GTIRC Travel Award Winner

Facilitating Academic Careers in Engineering and Science Fellowship (FACES, 2009-2015)

Rachel Bennett Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2010-2015)

2013 GTIRC Travel Award Winner

Molecular biophysics trainee (2010)

Best poster award at origins of Life GRC-2012

First employed at Coca-Cola

Glenn Harris Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2007-2011).

First employed as postdoc in Caprioli group, Vanderbilt. Now at 908 Devices.
Awarded 2008 NSF Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention
Awarded Outstanding Second Year Seminar Award at CHEM/GT.
Awarded 2009 Best Poster at GT Homecoming Award

Carrie Pierce Part-time Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2005-2011) Now employed at the CDC.
Mark Kwasnik Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2004-2010) First employed at Solvay.
Arti Navare Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2005-2010) First employed at the Katze Group, University of Washington, Seattle
Awarded 2007 FACSS Student Poster Award
Leonard Nyadong Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2005-2009) First employed at NHMFL, Tallahasee, FL with Prof. Alan Marshall
Awarded US Pharmacopeia Graduate Fellowship (2006-2007 and 2007-2008)
Accepted to the 4th Annual Interfacial and Condensed Phase Chemical Physics,
     Summer Research Institute (SRI) hosted at EMSL/PNNL
Christina Hampton Ph.D. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2004-2009) First Employed at SLAC, Stanford University
Molecular biophysics trainee (2005-2008)
Awarded best presentation at the 2007 Atlanta AAMSDG meeting, GA
Awarded student travel stipend award to the 2007 ASMS Fall Workshop
Pfizer travel award to attend PITTCON 2008
Deanna Snyder M.Sc. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2009-2011)  
Dana Hostetler M.Sc. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, 2008-2011)  
Krystyn Alter Hall M.Sc. student (Georgia Tech Chemistry, graduated 2005  

Undergraduate Students

Rachel Kenney Georgia Tech Chemistry major (Spring 2004)  
Saurabh Vishnubhakat Georgia Tech Chemistry major (Spring 2004)  
Horace Leung Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2004-2005) Awarded two GIT-PURA fellowships.
Catherine Silvestri Georgia Tech Chemistry major (Spring 2007) Recipient of Georgia Tech’s CoS Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.
Kristin Johnson Georgia Tech Chemistry major (Spring 2007) Awarded the 2007 Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research Symposium Award.,/td>
Colleen Mc Shane GIT Chemistry REU summer program 2004  
Joseph Caramore GIT Chemistry REU summer program 2007  
Ololade Fatumbi GIT Chemistry REU summer program 2009  
David Rizzo Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2009) Awarded the 2009 Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research Symposium Award.
Kristin Herrel Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2010) Awarded GIT-PURA fellowship (2010).
Kristen Powell Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2010)  
Catherine Kramer GIT Chemistry REU summer program 2011  
Ken Laszlo Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2010-2011)  
Caitlin Falcone Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2010-2011)  
Connor Crowley jointly with Michele La Placa (2012)

LINCR Fellow summer 2012

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Mitchel Banks Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2012)  
C. Jarred Davies Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2013-2014) Perry B. Sherry Memorial Scholarship 2016
Kellie Heom Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2015)  
Jarrod Pellisier Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2014-2015)  
Laura Winalski Georgia Tech Chemistry major (2014-2017)

PURA Summer 2014

Peter B. Sherry Memorial Scholarship 2015

 Perry B. Sherry Memorial Scholarship 2016

William H. Eberhardt Memorial Scholarship 2017

ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry 2017

Jason Wu Georgia Tech ChBE major (2015-2016)  
Natalie Howard eorgia Tech Chemistry major (2015-2016)  

High School Students

Felicia Yang Norcross HS (summer 2007)  
Aaron Shaw summer 2013  

High School Teachers

Jenniffer Ballantine Norcross HS (summer 2006)