Ambient Sampling/Ionization & Imaging MS

The first wide-spread attention to the concept of ambient ionization/sampling prior to MS analysis was the introduction of desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) by Cooks and coworkers in 2004 [1]. This article presented an exciting new perspective on performing both qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis by MS.  The central idea was that the surface of real-life objects such as a piece of leather, a nitrile glove, a plant seed cut in half, an intact tomato, the tip of a finger, etc. could be directly examined by MS without extraction of the molecules of interest or pretreatment of the object itself.

The excitement about the new opportunities offered by the field of ambient sampling/ionization has triggered a renaissance in the development of new ion generation approaches, and their application to real-life analytical and diagnostic challenges. My group at Georgia Tech has been at the sharp end of this renaissance since 2005 and is considered one of the leaders in this field. Our first ambient MS paper appeared in 2006 and described the first coupling of DESI to FTICR [2], and was followed by the first application of both DESI and DART to counterfeit drug detection [3]. We currently have 38 publications in the field and 6 in the area of counterfeit drug ambient MS detection methods. Our first review article [4] has been cited over 178 times and our 2011 Anal. Chem. review article[5] has already received more than 300 citations. We have recently published a massive review article describing developments in the last two years which made the cover of Chemical Reviews[6]. Our ambient MS work has been on the covers of the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry[7], Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry[8], PLoS Medicine [9], Lancet Infectious Diseases[10], and the Journal of Chemical Ecology[11]. Our work on the application of Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) and DESI MS to counterfeit drug detection has been covered by Scientific American, the BBC, The Guardian, Oxford Science Blog, ABC News, NBC Learn, Science News, SciDev, EurekaAlert, C&EN, Analytical Chemistry, J-WAVE (Tokyo), CNN International, Voice of America, NPR, ACS, RSC, Nature, Science, New Scientist, Reuters, The Mirror, The National Post and CBC (Canada). Moreover, our ambient MS work was featured on the cover of the International Herald Tribune and the NY Times. A replica ambient ionization mass spectrometer simulating the one used in the investigation of fake antimalarials by my group was displayed at the “Medicine Now” exhibit housed by the Wellcome Trust Collection, in London, and was labeled as “the most sobering item” in the exhibit, by the Media Watch section of the Lancet Inf. Dis., 7(9), 2007.

Our most salient contributions to the field of ambient MS include fundamental studies on DART ion suppression[12], DART internal energy deposition[13], DART fluid dynamics[14], the first transmission mode DART interface[15], first DART-drift tube ion mobility spectrometry (DTIMS) coupling[16], first laser ablation-DART ion source for ambient imaging[17], first ovarian cancer DART test [18], first DART profiling of bacteria[19], first DART/DESI hybrid ion source[20], first DESI quantitation approach based on ligand competition[21], first DESI imaging of chemical defenses on algae [22], and organics on minerals[23], first open access software for DESI imaging[24], and the first hybrid DESI-differential mobility-MS instrument[25].


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