Mauricio wins outstanding talk award at student-faculty retreat

Mauricio Gutierrez received an outstanding talk award for his presentation on quantum error correction at the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry student-faculty retreat. Congratulations Mauricio!

Colin Trout wins Outstanding TA award

Colin Trout wins Outstanding Chemistry TA Award for his work as a TA in Prof. Christine Payne's Spring 2013 Physical Chemistry II class. Congratulations Colin!

JP Addison awarded Spring 2014 PURA

JP Addison was awarded a 2014 President's Undergraduate Research Award to work on Optimized Smooth Pulses for Ion Trap Quantum Computers. Congratulations JP!

Karl awarded PURA for Fall 2013

Karl Burkhardt received a President's Undergraduate Research Award for Fall 2013 to continue his experiments with molecular ions. Congratulations to Karl!

Jared Huggins wins Georgia Tech Scholarship

Jared Huggins received Cynthia L. Bossart and James Efron Scholarship from the College of Sciences. Congratulations to Jared!

JP and Karl present at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

JP Addison (diamond tie) and Karl Burkhardt (striped tie) gave presentations on their research at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. Karl gave a talk on Quantum Sympathetic Heating Spectroscopy. JP presented a poster on Narrowband Composite Pulse Sequences for Addressing Errors that won 3rd place in the College of Sciences!

John Gray receives undergraduate Chemistry awards

John Gray received the Chance Family Award and the WM Spice Scholarship both recognizing outstanding Chemistry undergraduates. Congratulations to John!

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