Rene Rugango defends PhD thesis

Rene successfully defends his thesis Spectroscopy of molecular ions in Coulomb crystals.  Congratulations Rene!
Rene's thesis builds off his three publications listed below:
Trapping and sympathetic cooling of Boron ions, R. Rugango, M. Sinhal, G. Shu, and K. R. Brown, arXiv:1609.09521 (2016)

Special Topics in Quantum Information - Spring 2016

I forgot my camera on the last day of class.
In addition to fundamentals of quantum computation, a large part of the class dealt with surface codes.  Final projects covered a wide range of topics from implementation of quantum computation on ion traps to quantum algorithms based on random walks.
Students were from the following majors: CHEM, CHBE, CS, CSE, ECE, and PHYS,
Special thanks to Colin Trout for serving as the unofficial TA.

Aaron Calvin passes PhD candidacy exam

Aaron passes OP!
Aaron Calvin advances to candidacy. Congratulations to Aaron!

Mauricio Gutierrez defends his thesis

Mauricio Gutierrez successfully defends his thesis Accurate Modeling of Noise in Quantum Error-Correcting Circuits. Congratulations to Mau!

Chingiz Kabytayev defends his thesis

Chingiz Kabytayev successfully defended his thesis Quantum control for time-dependent noise. Congratulations to Chingiz!

Ncamiso Khanyile defends his thesis

Ncamiso Khanyile successfully defends his thesis Vibrational spectroscopy of sympathetically laser-cooled CaH+. Congratulations to JB!

Brian McMahon presents at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

Brian McMahon presents his PURA research at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. Brian is set to graduate next week and will start work at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Congratulations to Brian!

Honors Chem 1310 - Fall 2014

Honors Chemistry 1310 explored the boundary between Chemistry and Public Policy.

John Gray wins Chance and Spicer Awards from the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry


John Gray won the 2013-2014 Chance Family Award and was a recipient of a 2013-2014 W.M. Spicer Scholarship in Chemistry.  Congratulations John!

Picture: John receiving the award from Dr. Carrie Shepler, Director of Freshman Chemistry.


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