John and Karl at SERMACS 2013

Karl Burkhardt and John Gray both presented at the South East Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society .

Karl gave a talk on Towards quantum information in a cryogenic ion trap.
John presented a poster on Progress towards sideband cooling of atomic ion - molecular ion Coulomb crystals.

Colin Trout wins Outstanding TA award

Colin Trout wins Outstanding Chemistry TA Award for his work as a TA in Prof. Christine Payne's Spring 2013 Physical Chemistry II class. Congratulations Colin!

JP Addison awarded Spring 2014 PURA

JP Addison was awarded a 2014 President's Undergraduate Research Award to work on Optimized Smooth Pulses for Ion Trap Quantum Computers. Congratulations JP!

Dave Wineland visits the lab

2012 Nobel prize winner Dave Wineland discusses experiments with Rene, JB, and Rick.

Microwave paper published in New Journal of Physics

Our paper with collaborators at GTRI, Spatially uniform single-qubit gate operations with near-field microwaves and compensating pulses is now published in New Journal of Physics.

Trivia: First ion trap paper with both KR Brown's as authors.

Michael Liang finishes Summer Internship

Michael Liang, a student at Northview High School, completed his second summer of working in the Brown lab.

Picture: Michael, Mauricio and John enjoying cake.

Grahame Vittorini defends PhD thesis

Grahame Vittorini successfully defended his thesis Stability of Ion Chains in a Cryogenic
Surface-Electrode Ion Trap
on Aug. 15. Congratulations to Grahame!

Muyuan Li heads back to Haverford

Muyuan Li, an undergraduate at Haverford College, worked in the lab this summer as part of the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation on Quantum Information for Quantum Chemistry. He studied composite pulses with his mentor Chingiz Kabytayev.

Picture: Afsaneh, Jared, Mauricio, James, Ken, Michael, and Muyuan wait for pizza.

Samuel finishes his internship

High school intern Samuel Musser finishes his summer internship with our lab as part of the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Junior Fellowship Experience.

Karl awarded PURA for Fall 2013

Karl Burkhardt received a President's Undergraduate Research Award for Fall 2013 to continue his experiments with molecular ions. Congratulations to Karl!

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