Smitha Janardan defends PhD Thesis

Smitha  defends PhD
Congratulations to Smitha Janardan on the successful defense of her PhD Thesis on Simulation of multi-photon dissociation of calcium monohydride and calcium monodeuteride ions!

Robust FM 2-Qubit Gate For Ion Traps - Posted to ArXiv

We have developed a novel method for optimizing two-qubit gate in a trapped ion chain by frequency modulation. The method has been experimentally demonstrated in Chris Monroe's group at JQI and shown to have ~98% fidelity and robust against frequency errors over 1kHz in a 5-ion trap. The paper is now on the arXiv: 1708.08039

"Quantum error-correction failure distributions: Comparison of coherent and stochastic error models" published in Phys Rev A


With collaborators at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, we studied the output failure distributions of quantum error correcting codes under the influence of of coherent and incoherent error sources. The paper can be found here.

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