CHEM 2311

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  Download the practice exams, answers to the practice exams, and solutions to the
actual exams (available AFTER the exam!) Note that answers are provides for the first two practice exams. Attempts these exams before looking at the answers. Answers are not provided for the other two practice exams  - these provide a good starting point for discussion at help sessions held before each exam.


Practice Exams

Exam Solutions

E1 practice-i

E1i answers

E1 practice-ii

E1ii answers

E1 practice-iii
(no answers)

E1 practice-iv
(no answers)

E1 solutions

E2 practice-i

E2i answers

E2 practice-ii

E2ii answers

E2 practice-iii
(no answers)

E2 practice-iv
(no answers)

E2 solutions

E3 practice-i

E3i answers

E3 practice-ii

E3ii answers

E3 practice-iii
(no answers)

E3 practice-iv
(no answers)

E3 solutions

E4 practice-i

E4i answers

E4 practice-ii

E4ii answers

E4 practice-iii
(no answers)

E4 practice-iv
(no answers)

E4 solutions

E5 practice-i

E5i answers

E5 practice-ii

E5ii answers

E5 practice-iii
(no answers)

E5 practice-iv
(no answers)

E5 solutions


Final part A (optional): comprehensive; no multiple choice. Final part B (required*): comprehensive;  multiple choice

*The entire final can be exempted by superior performance on all mid-term exams, see "Policies and Procedures"