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Currently this semester I am teaching General Chemistry (CHEM 1310). This summer I will be teaching Inorganic Chemistry which is the second course in the freshman chemistry sequence. Other teaching interests include an advanced course in teaching methods and organic chemistry. Sample syllabi for the related courses are provided with the links below.

CHEM 1310, General Chemistry

CHEM 1311, Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 1310L, HONORS CHEM (Fall 2009)

CHEM 4311, Advanced Organic CHemistry

CHEM 8803, Principles of Teaching and Learning Chemistry

CHEM 4699, Research Credit

Research and Scholarship

I currently serves as an academic professional and as an academic advisor for chemistry and biochemistry. My role includes the development of pedagogical methods for improving the freshman chemistry curricula and eventually expanding to upper division courses. Specifically my research interests include incorporation of a variation of cooperative learning and inquiry into the lecture, laboratory, and recitation component of 1310 (the first course in general chemistry) which will eventually be incorporated within the freshman level inorganic chemistry course as well as other courses. Additional interests include the development of writing protocols for a longitudinal study of the development of scientific writing skills across the curricula. These methods include peer review using an online system developed at UCLA known as Calibrated Peer Review ( Currently, writing prompts for various levels of the program are under development for implementation in the upcoming year. Writing is being emphasized more in-depth in the laboratory component of the general chemistry course with the idea of increased emphasis in advanced courses. Finally special interest is being given to the development of new problem solving packages that are designed to prompt skill building and problem solving. Various software packages are being reviewed with the idea of developing an “all-in-one” comprehensive system that provides tutoring, promotes problem solving development, and provides formative assessment of student progress.


Course Materials

Bottomley, L. and Cox, C.T., CHemistry 1310: Explorations and Experimentation in General Chemistry, 2008, Hayden - McNeil Publishing, MI.

Bottomley, L. and Cox, C.T., CHemistry 1312: An Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Concepts and Experiments, 2008, Hayden - McNeil Publishing, MI.


An Assessment of the Effect of Collaborative Groups on Students' Problem Solving Strategies and Abilities

Advancements in Curriculum and Assessment by the Use of IMMEX Technology in the Organic Laboratory

Derivatization of Fullerenes: An Organic Laboratory

Improving Problem Solving with Simple Interventions

Talks and Presentations

Cox, Jr. C.T, Kilner, C.W.; The Chem-Math Teaching Paradigm at the University of New Hampshire, Proceedings of the 20th BCCE Conference, Bloomington, Indiana (indiana University), 29 July 2008.

Gaitlin, T.; Cooper, M.; Cox, Jr. C.T.; Pienta, N.; Underwood, S.; Assessing the Cognitive and Visualization Skills Necessary for Understanding and Use of Chemical Structures, Proceedings of the 20th BCCE Conference, Bloomington, Indiana (indiana University), 27 July 2008.