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MS Companies


GC, HPLC, and MS equipment

AMD Intectra GmbH

GC/MS and LC/MS high performance and benchtop magnetic sector mass spectrometers

Applied Biosystems

API, Q TRAP, and Voyager series

Applied Instrument Technologies

Analyzers, software, and sampling systems for on-line process and process development applications

Bergmann Messgeraete Entwicklung (BME)

TOF, electrospray, high resolution, high mass


Electrospray, FTMS, TOF MS, mobile mass spectrometers


Manufacturer of SIMS instruments including NanoSIMS 50 ion microscope and other surface and interface analysis instruments


TOF, ESA-TOF/MS, electron guns, electron monochromators


Residual gas analyzers – Mass spectrometers


Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Laboratory and Industrial Process Gas Analysis Systems

 Mass Spectrometry and MS/MS Components and Systems

Ferran Scientific, Inc.

Micropole RGA and miniature high pressure MS for vacuum plasma processes and semiconductor manufacturing environments

GenTech Scientific, Inc.

Sales and Service of new and refurbished GC and GC/MS systems

Grizzly Analytical

Used LC/MS, MSn, and MALDIs

Hiden Analytical

RGA, Gas Analysis Systems, Quadrupole SIMS, Quadrupole Plasma Analyzers Customs Systems

HKR Sensorsysteme GmbH

Manufacturer of the SensiTOF mass spectrometer


Residual Gas Analyzers

InProcess Instruments GMBH

Develops, manufactures and markets quadrupole mass spectrometers for online gas analysis in industry and research

Inorganic Ventures/IV Labs

Inorganic Ventures is an ISO-accredited laboratory, providing information, technical support, and chemical standards.


TOF-SIMS instruments for all kind of SIMS applications


JMS-GCmate, JMS-LCmate, JMS-AX505, JMS-RSVP, JMS-MStation, JMS-HX110A



Leco Corporation

Pegasus II GC/TOFMS and Jaguar LC/TOFMS


New (InProcess) and refurbished (MGA 1100 and 1200) medical and industrial mass analyzers; Sample systems from CBISS


Organic, Isotope Ratio, and Elemental Mass Spectrometry
Magnetic Sector, Sector Hybrid, Single and Triple Quadrupole, research grade MALDI-TOF

Perkin Elmer



GC-MS, LC-MS, and TOF systems

Stanford Research Systems (SRS)

RGA 100, 200, and 300 Residual Gas Analyzers

Syagen Technology, Inc.

Mass Spectrometry technology for high-speed molecular analysis





VG Gas Analysis Systems

On-line process mass spectrometers for the Iron/Steel, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Semiconductor, and Vacuum Technology industries

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Mass Spectrometry Supplies and Services

A&J Vacuum services

Turbo pump repair, vacuum pump repair, and  mass spectrometers

Air Products

Specialty Gases


Manufacturer of vacuum flanges

Acquisition Solutionsk

Software and Hardware Solutions for the acquisition/control and data processing of quadrupole and magnetic sector mass spectrometers

Adron Systems LLC

Replacement mass spectrometer data systems for a variety of instruments in research and analytical testing laboratories

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.

ACD/SpecManager is a spectroscopic processing and data management software including a MS module with data import, spectral manipulation and annotation, and spectral libraries

Adixen (Alcatel)

Manufacturers of vacuum pumps and helium leak detectors

Applied Kilovolts

Design and production of high voltage power supplies

Baseline DGSI Analytical Laboratories

Isotope ratio mass spectrometry service

Bioinformatic Solutions, Inc.

de novo sequencing and protein identification software

BIOPTIC Lasersysteme AG

Laser systems and optical interfaces designed for MALDI-MS

BOC Edwards

Vacuum Products

Burle Electro-optics

Successor company to Galileo Scientific with scientific detectors, photomultipliers, imaging devices, and power tubes

Capovani Brothers, Inc.

Capovani Brothers Inc. deals in vacuum pumps, test and measurement and laboratory equipment, and a variety of other related instruments

Carroll Vacuum

Repair of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, and mass spectrometers

ChemSW, Inc.

Windows-based chemistry and laboratory software for MS, chromatography, and other areas


Training, consulting, and support for the Agilent GC, LC. GC/MS, and LC/MS ChemStation.


GC and LC columns


OEM direct replacement Electron Multipliers and other AA, ICP, GC, GC/MS, SPE consumables.

Da Vinci Europe Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory automation, service, and support; working closely with Research Institute of Chromatography and Agilent Technologies



Electron Tubes Inc.

Manufacturers of photomultipliers and high voltage power supplies

Elemental Analysis, Inc. (EAI)

Trace element identification, quantification, and speciation services by HR-ICP-MS, etc.

El-Mul Technologies, Ltd.

Custom designed charged particle detectors including MCP-based detectors for TOF systems

EMCO High Voltage Corporation

DC to High Voltage DC Power Supplies and Converters


Electron multipliers


Residual gas analyzers

Foremost Equipment

Seller of refurbished lab equipment, including mass spectrometers

Fiveash Data Management

Reference spectra databases

GB Scientific

Supporting Fisons/VG/Micromass Organic Mass Spectrometers


A multifaceted Bioinformatics company providing proteomics databases and software tools such as Phenyx

GenTech Scientific, Inc.

Sales and Service of new and refurbished GC and GC/MS systems

Glasman High Voltage

Designer and manufacturer of high voltage power supplies/DC power supplies

H. Baumbach & Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers and suppliers of quartz silica products for mass spectroscopy

HiTek Power

Designer and manufacturer of High Voltage Power Supplies ranging from 100V - 500kV & output power rating ranges from 1W - 40kW


Manufacturers of torches, nebulizers, spray chambers, injectors, and bonnets for ICP-MS/ICP-OES

International Equipment Trading Ltd.

Refurbished analytical equipment

IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group, Inc.

LC/MS and LC/MS/MS instrumentation upgrades and consulting

Ion Signature Technology

Tools and technologies for maximizing laboratory throughput and minimizing costs

Ion Source Software

SIMION 6.0 ion optics software including a downloadable demo version

J&W Scientific
of Agilent Technologies

GC, SPE, and CE supplies


Free mass spectrometric sequencing software for cyclic and linear peptides from split-and-pool combinatorial libraries

Pre-owned and surplus scientific equipment including mass spectrometers

Kurt J. Lesker

Vacuum products

LabMetrix Technologies

Validation and compliance services; repair and maintenance of ABI mass spectrometers

Laboratory Design and Supply

Laboratory Services and Laboratory Equipment such as furniture, cabinets, fume hoods, and more

LaserBio Labs

Kits and reagents for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry


Equipment for FI/FD mass spectrometry

Analysengeraete Service GmbH

MS service and spare parts


GC/MS library software - MassFinder and Terpenoids Library

Rapid GC/MS-SIM quantification with MultiTrace

Customised mass spectral software development

Free portal site for news about mass spectrometry, including conferences and suppliers

Matrix Science

Mascot search engine for protein identification by searching MS and MS/MS data against sequence databases

Matsusada Precision Inc.

Manufacturer of high stability, low ripple  HV power supplies for mass spectrometry

MS People

Recruiting for scientists and technical people involved in mass spectrometry, including bioanalytical, proteomics, drug metabolism and instrument development; BS/MS to Director level


Service, parts, and support, specializing in MDS SCIEX/Applied Biosystems instruments


MASPEC II32 data dystem for Windows (plus other MS services)


MS parts and service for medical and industrial mass analyzers (MGA 1100 and 1200)


Internet employment service in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and other scientific fields

M-Scan Ltd

Mass spectrometry services in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and environmental areas

ms-service w.lehmann

Swiss-based MS repairs, upgrades, maintenance and spare parts. Second-hand MS and GC-MS-Systems

Northern Analytical Laboratory, Inc.

Trace element analysis and material testing using GDMS, ICPMS, and MS


Online directory of US o-ring manufacturers and vendors


New and used scientific laboratory equipment


A project to bring to users a full-featured framework for polymer mass spectrometric data simulation/analysis.


Providers of SimGlycan: Glycan Structure Identification and MS Data Interpretation

ProLab Resources

Innovative productivity enhancement software and consulting services for the analytical laboratory


A free online catalogue of Internet resources in the physical sciences.

Spectratek Mass Spectrometry Services

On-site service, maintenance agreements, operator training, on most GC, GC/MS and LC/MS systems.

They also provide mail in depot repair service on most benchtop mass spectrometers.


Nitrogen and hydrogen generators

Rantec Power Supplies Inc.

High voltage and low voltage power supplies, DC/DC converters, and power system products

Reliance Gear Co.

Quadrupole mass filter (QMF) simulation program


GC and HPLC supplies

Scott Specialty Gases

Scott Specialty Gases is an international producer and supplier of specialty gas products and equipment.  Their website also contains technical and safety chemical information including an online MSDS Library, comprehensive downloadable Design and Safety handbook, chemical innovations, specialty gases, chemical safety tips, and compliance documentation.


Chromatography and analytical chemistry products



Shiva Technologies, Inc.

Analytical contract lab specializing in the analysis of bulk inorganic solids by GMS, GDAA, etc.

Signal Recovery

Supplier of instruments for data acquisition in time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Sirinx Technologies

Uninterruptible power supplies


MS, GC, and LC supplies and services


Development of vendor independent MS software applications


Cones for ICP-MS


Service, spare parts, consulting, training, contract analysis, and instrument sales

Spellman High Voltage

High voltage power supplies


A Sigma-Aldrich division


Nitrogen and hydrogen generators

Thermo Vacuum Generators

HV and UHV components and fittings

Turbo Vacuum

Turbomolecular pump distribution and service


High voltage power supplies used for particle acceleration, beam focusing, electrostatic charging of MCPs

Upchurch Scientific

HPLC supplies


Vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps manufacturers

Valco Instruments Co., Inc.(VICI)

Analytical components, devices, and systems for HPLC, FIA, LC, GC, SFE, SFC




UK based recruitment consultants specializing in mass spectrometry and analyses supported by MS


Chromatography products

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General MS-related Links

Base Peak

Mass spectrometry resource from John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Kermit Murray, editor

MBL Stable Isotope Laboratory

Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Stable isotope services for research and industry.


disease proteomics and proteomic technologies.


Separation science portal

University of Liverpool Dept. of Chemistry

WWW Links for chemists

Universitaet zu Koeln
Institut fur Organische Chemie

Abteilung Massenspektroskopie

Dr. Mathias Schaefer

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MS Listservers

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Mass Spectrometry Journals

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MS Troubleshooting Guides and Tips

LC*GC Online

Click on LC symptoms
Click on GC symptoms

sci.techniques.mass-spec archives

Search through topical archives for the question/answers of the Usenet newsgroup readers

SIS Mass Spectrometer Tips

Many tips on the operation and maintenance especially for GC-MS operations

Spectroscopy's Mass Spectrometer Troubleshooting Guide

Guidelines for troubleshooting vacuum systems, sensitivity and resolution, and data analysis

The LC/MS home page

Problem solvers including flow charts, tuning, calibration tables, and references of standard methods for ES, APCI, PB, TS, CFF techniques

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MS Tutorials

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Professional Societies

American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS)

1201 Don Diego Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505




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