Note:  The newsgroup ceased operation in December 2010.  The links and documents referenced here were correct at that time, but this page will not be maintained regularly.  The operation was transferred to a mailing list based on the remailer discussed below.  For information on the newsgroup or the remailer, please contact David Bostwick or John Bartmess.  Subscription information for the mailing list is at


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Description: Description: C:\Users\db32\d drive\stms\stms-web\black.gifWelcome to the sci.techniques.mass-spec home page. This page currently contains the sci.techniques.mass-spec archives and links to related documents and mass spectrometry sites. Sci.techniques.mass-spec is open to discussion for all areas of mass spectrometry. Topics may include, but are not limited to: Ionization, Mass analysis, Mechanisms, Hyphenated techniques, and Troubleshooting

Description: Description: C:\Users\db32\d drive\stms\stms-web\black.gifAvailable or wanted Job/postdoc position announcements are welcome. Please wait a week between repeat postings. Attached documents or mass spectra pictures can not be posted directly to the newsgroup, but will be sent to our ftp site with a link added to the message. Slight editing may occur to make the posting more readable such as justification or matched subject header lines in each thread. Short commercial announcements are allowed, but the newsgroup is not meant to be a substitute for the normal announcements, and long, detailed descriptions of new or improved equipment should not be submitted. To quote from the Moderator's Handbook, the policy should be, "Information, not promotion." Similarly, the newsgroup is not a substitute for peer-reviewed journals.

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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Description: Description: C:\Users\db32\d drive\stms\stms-web\black.gifPosts from sci.techniques.mass-spec are also sent to a mailing list maintained by John Bartmess at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Information from the newsgroup can be passed on to those who cannot read Netnews, for whatever reason, but do have access to e-mail.

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