The Payne Lab is committed to outreach in education and the Atlanta community.

Partnership with Georgia Gwinnett College

Prof. Joshua Morris and Carla Peñaherrera spent Summer 2015 doing research in the Payne Lab. Their efforts led to a publication in Biomaterials Science and RSC Advances.

J. D. MorrisWong, K. M.Peñaherrera, C. D., and Payne, C. K.Mechanism of the biomolecular synthesis of PEDOT:PSS: importance of heme degradation by hydrogen peroxideBiomater. Sci., 2016.

J. FloresPayne, C. K., and Morris, J. D.Heme protein-mediated synthesis of PEDOT:PSS: Enhancing conductivity by inhibiting heme degradationRSC Advances, vol. in press, 2017

Sabiha is organizing the Atlanta Science Festival Sciku (science haiku) contest.

The Payne Lab hosted lab tours as part of the Out to Innovate workshop held at Georgia Tech in November, 2014.




We are happy to arrange lab tours for classes or groups.
Boy Scouts earning their Chemistry merit badges (February, 2011).
  Midtown Book Club looking at HeLa cells in conjunction with reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." (August, 2012)