Jonathan Flores
Education: Georgia Gwinnett College Undergrad

Summer 2016, REU

Carla Penaherrera
Education: Georgia Gwinnett College Undergrad, Biochemistry

Summer 2015


Joseph Miles
Education: Georgia Perimeter College undergrad

Summer 14-Spring 15

(pictured with Dr. Srikant Iyer and his Smartphone Microscope)

Jessica Richey
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

Spring 2014-Spring 2015

Chelsea Thompson
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

Spring 13-Fall 13

Chemical Lab Analyst at Ethicon

Jairo Zapata
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

Fall 09-Summer 12

Patrick Chen
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

Spring 12-Spring 13

Kevin Hardin
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

Fall 08-Spring 09

Joseph Kim
Education: GT Undergrad, Biochemistry

August 11-November 12

Nicole Fay
Education: GT Undergrad, Biology and Biochemistry

Spring 07-Spring 08

Dr. Nicole Fay (PhD, UC Berkeley) is a Research Scientist at Applied Molecular Transport.

Nina Mohebbi
Education: GT Undergrad, BME

Fall 13-Spring 15

Rohan Kadambi
Education: GT Undergrad, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Fall 15-Fall 16

Hursh Sureka
Education: GT Undergrad, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Spring 11-Spring 13

Hursh is working on his PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT.

Kaitlyn Willingham
Education: GT Undergrad, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Spring 13-Summer 13

H. Cori Jekot
Education: GT Undergrad, Chemistry

Spring 10-Fall 10

Dr. Jekot earned her MD from the Medical College of Georgia.

Edward Zhang
Education: GT Undergrad, Electrical Engineering

Fall 13-Fall 14

ABB Robotics

Joshua Liu
Education: GT Undergrad, ISYE

Spring 10-Spring 12

Son Tran
Education: GT Undgrad

Summer 12

Katelyn Snider
Education: High School Intern

Summer 10

Roswell High

Sathvik Namburar
Education: High School Intern

Summer 13

Woodward Academy

Melinda Ogden
Education: M.S. 2009
Dipesh Khanal
Education: M.S. 2015

Dipesh at his graduation lunch.

William H. Humphries IV
Education: PhD 2011

Fall 06-Summer 11

Dr. Humphries (pictured with Kelvin) is a Microscopy and Imaging Specialist for B&B Microscopes.

Candace Fleischer
Education: PhD 2014

Dr. Fleischer is a postdoc with Prof. Xiaoping Hu at Emory.

Saheli Sarkar
Education: Postdoc

Spring 11-Spring 14

Postdoc in the Konry Lab at Northeastern University.

Craig Szymanski
Education: Postdoc

Fall 09-Summer 11

Debjyoti Bandyopadhyay
Education: Postdoc

Spring 12-Fall 13

Postdoctoral fellow at the ITC Life Science and Technology Center in Bangalore, India.

Qingjie Luo
Education: Postdoc


Qingjie is a research chemist at Ultra Ink.

Austin Cyphersmith
Education: Postdoc

Fall 12-Fall 13

Research Specialist at the microscopy core facility at UIUC.

Tevhide Ozkaya Ahmadov
Education: Postdoc


Postdoc, ECE, Georgia Tech

Gerard Doorley
Education: Postdoc

Spring 10-Spring 12

Pharmaceutical consultant

Alexandra Hill
Education: Postdoc

Summer 13-Summer 14

CMC Regulatory Manager at EMD Serono in Germany.

Steven Hira
Education: Postdoc

Fall 11-Spring 13

Ashlee St. John Iyer
Education: Postdoc

Summer 08-Fall 09

Srikant Iyer
Education: Postdoc

Summer 13-Spring 15

Assistant Research & Program manager for the NSF-funded OXIDE diversity in chemistry program.

Umesh Kumar
Education: Postdoc

December 11-November 12

Joshua Morris
Education: Postdoc

Prof. Morris is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn
Education: REU (2009) from Macalaster University

Currently a PhD student at University of Minnesota

Quachel Bazile
Education: REU (2012) from Elizabeth City State University
Ryan Lannan
Education: REU (2012) from UT Austin
Syeda Anum
Education: Summer REU (2011) from Northeastern University

MD student at University of MA

Emilie Warren
Education: Technician

Spring 13-Summer 15

MD student at Baylor School of Medicine

Molly Flanagan
Education: Technician

Summer 12-January 13

Marc de Cea Falc├│
Education: Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

Summer 2016