Subhasish Tapadar

Personal Info



  • Awarded with Ph.D. degree from Osmania University, India in the field of synthetic organic chemistry 2005
  • Undergraduate: BS in chemistry from University of Calcutta 1998

Current Status:

  • Research Scientist I

Field of Research:

  • Medicinal chemistry, drug discovery


  • Synthesis of non-peptide macrocyclic HDAC inhibitors
  • Methodology development



Subhasish joined our group in May, 2011 and is pursuing research in drug discovery.


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PATENT: Chakraborty, T. K.; Tapadar, S. Synthesis of chiral furan amino acids as novel peptide building blocks. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2005), 20 pp. CODEN: USXXCO  US  2005222088  A1  20051006.