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Conferences and Presentations

Fall 2019: Graduate students Alice Ma and Emily Saccuzzo present their poster at the ISER/Brightfocus Glaucoma symposium.

Summer 2019: REU student Martina Zhuang presents her research on Intramembrane Aspartyl Protease inhibition. 


Spring 2019, Lieberman lab undergraduate Yemo Ku presents myocilin antibody development research to incoming freshmen in the College of Sciences.

SER-CAT Symposium 2016


GT Career, Research, Innovation, and Development Conference (CRIDC), Spring 2016


2015 Petit Scholar Poster Session



2nd Annual GT Postdoctoral Research Symposium, Fall 2015



G.I.F.T. Poster Session, Summer 2015


2013 Petit Scholar Poster Session


Biophysics Conference



Typical Workday Sightings





Lunch Time, February 2017

Lab Holiday Party, December 2016




Georgia Renaissance Festival, May 2016




Elaine's Farewell, April 2016




Lab Holiday Party, December 2015 




David's Farewell, December 2015



Becca's Farewell,  July 2015



Chi-Chi's Farewell, June 2015


Jennifer's Thesis Defense & Reception, May 2015







Becca's Thesis Defense Reception, April 2015