Modular Universal Scalable Ion-trap Quantum Computer

Multi-institution collaboration to develop a scalable quantum computer based on ion trap arrays connected by photons. The Brown lab is performing experiments on ion trap arrays and developing a simulator for the complete system. Project funded by IARPA MQCO program through ARO grant W911NF-10-1-0231.

Jungsang Kim Duke University
Chris Monroe University of Maryland
Luming Duan University of Michigan
Robert Raussendorf University of British Columbia
Boris Blinov University of Washington
Dave Bacon University of Washington

Cold Molecular Ions

Laser cooled atomic ions can be used to cool molecular ions to temperatures less than 1 millikelvin. The Brown lab is studying the spectroscopy and reaction dynamics of molecules at these low temperatures. This work is funded by the ARO under contract W911NF-12-1-0230.

Brian Odom Northwestern University
David Sherrill Georgia Institute of Technology

Quantum Information for Quantum Chemistry

As part of a Center for Chemical Innovation, the Brown lab is using the tools from quantum information to build new experiments and algorithms for physical chemistry. The CCI is funded by the National Science Foundation (CHE-1037992).

Sabre Kais Purdue University
Alán Aspuru-Guzik Harvard University
Peter Love Haverford College
Daniel Lidar University of Southern California

Optimal Resources and Architectures for Quantum aLgorithms (ORAQL)

The Brown lab is leading a multi-institution collaboration to develop a suite of software tools for estimating and optimizing the resource cost of performing a quantum algorithm on a real physical system. Project funded by the IARPA QCS program through DOI contract D11PC20167.

Physis of Information Group at IBM Research
Fred Chong UC Santa Barbara
John Kubiatowicz UC Berkeley
Aram Harrow University of Washington
Jungsang Kim Duke University
Isaac Chuang MIT
Lorenza Viola Dartmouth College
Robert Raussendorf University of British Columbia
David Poulin Université de Sherbrooke
The Quantum Information Systems Group at GTRI


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