Smitha Janardan defends PhD Thesis

Smitha  defends PhD
Congratulations to Smitha Janardan on the successful defense of her PhD Thesis on Simulation of multi-photon dissociation of calcium monohydride and calcium monodeuteride ions!

Rene Rugango defends PhD thesis

Rene successfully defends his thesis Spectroscopy of molecular ions in Coulomb crystals.  Congratulations Rene!
Rene's thesis builds off his three publications listed below:
Trapping and sympathetic cooling of Boron ions, R. Rugango, M. Sinhal, G. Shu, and K. R. Brown, arXiv:1609.09521 (2016)

Mauricio Gutierrez defends his thesis

Mauricio Gutierrez successfully defends his thesis Accurate Modeling of Noise in Quantum Error-Correcting Circuits. Congratulations to Mau!

Chingiz Kabytayev defends his thesis

Chingiz Kabytayev successfully defended his thesis Quantum control for time-dependent noise. Congratulations to Chingiz!

Ncamiso Khanyile defends his thesis

Ncamiso Khanyile successfully defends his thesis Vibrational spectroscopy of sympathetically laser-cooled CaH+. Congratulations to JB!

Yu defends PhD

Yu Tomita successfully defended her PhD in Computational Science and Engineering. Her thesis is titled "Numerical and Analytical Studies of Quantum Error Correction."

Congratulations Yu!

Grahame Vittorini defends PhD thesis

Grahame Vittorini successfully defended his thesis Stability of Ion Chains in a Cryogenic
Surface-Electrode Ion Trap
on Aug. 15. Congratulations to Grahame!

James Goeders defends PhD thesis

James Goeders successfully defended his thesis Resolved Sideband Spectroscopy for the Detection of Weak Optical Transtions on May 29. Congratulations to James!

True defends PhD Thesis

True Merrill successfully defended his thesis Compensating sequences for robust quantum
control of trapped-ion qubits
on May 14. Congratulations to True!

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