Robust FM 2-Qubit Gate For Ion Traps - Posted to ArXiv

We have developed a novel method for optimizing two-qubit gate in a trapped ion chain by frequency modulation. The method has been experimentally demonstrated in Chris Monroe's group at JQI and shown to have ~98% fidelity and robust against frequency errors over 1kHz in a 5-ion trap. The paper is now on the arXiv: 1708.08039

Bare [[7,1,3]] code paper posted to arXiv

In this paper we present a [[7,1,3]] quantum error-correcting code that is able to achieve fault-tolerant syndrome measurement using one ancillary qubit per stabilizer. Our results on this [[7,1,3]] code demonstrates how physically motivated noise models may simplify fault-tolerent protocols.
The paper can be found at arXiv:1702.01155.

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