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Errors and pseudothresholds for incoherent and coherent noise published in Physical Review A


In this paper, we study the distinctive effects that incoherent and coherent errors have on an encoded qubit.  We use the effective 1-qubit process matrix at the logical level to understand the fundamental differences between these kinds of errors.  Congratulations to Mauricio, Conor, Livia, and Smitha!

Mauricio Gutierrez defends his thesis

Mauricio Gutierrez successfully defends his thesis Accurate Modeling of Noise in Quantum Error-Correcting Circuits. Congratulations to Mau!

Papers on QECC and cold molecular ions published

Mauricio and Rene celebrate the publications of their papers in the last two weeks: M. GutiƩrrez and K. R. Brown, Phys. Rev. A 91, 022335 (2015) and R. Rugango et al. New J. Phys. 17, 035009 (2015)

Quantum error correction paper posted on the ArXiv

Mauricio and I posted a paper titled Comparison of a quantum error correction threshold for exact and approximate errors to the ArXiv. The paper examines how different approximations of the same physical error lead to different results for the logical errors.

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