Samuel finishes his internship

High school intern Samuel Musser finishes his summer internship with our lab as part of the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Junior Fellowship Experience.

Karl awarded PURA for Fall 2013

Karl Burkhardt received a President's Undergraduate Research Award for Fall 2013 to continue his experiments with molecular ions. Congratulations to Karl!

Catherine Wen heads to Australia

Catherine Wen, an undergraduate at Haverford College, worked in the lab this summer as part of the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation on Quantum Information for Quantum Chemistry. She recently left to study abroad at the University of Melbourne .

Picture: Brian, Catherine, and Afsaneh prepare for cake and ice cream.

Ncamiso Khanyile presents at MOLSPEC

Ncamiso "JB" Khanyile will present his work towards measuring CaH+ overtones at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy this Thursday in session RB. Radicals and Ions .

Brown Lab at DAMOP 2013

(Photo Credit: Martin St-Amant - Wikipedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Members of the Brown lab presented at DAMOP 2013 in Quebec City.

C5.00005 Robust quantum control of 171Yb+ qubits in a surface-trap with integrated microwave elements True Merrill

James Goeders defends PhD thesis

James Goeders successfully defended his thesis Resolved Sideband Spectroscopy for the Detection of Weak Optical Transtions on May 29. Congratulations to James!

Aaron Moon, BS CHEM 2013 & Jenny Moody, HS 2013

Aaron Moon completed his BS in Chemistry. Next year he will start his graduate studies at University of Texas, Austin. Congratulations!

Jenny Moody completed her High School degree at Henry W. Grady High School. She is starting at Georgia Tech in the fall. Congratulations!

True defends PhD Thesis

True Merrill successfully defended his thesis Compensating sequences for robust quantum
control of trapped-ion qubits
on May 14. Congratulations to True!

Ancilla management for Steane code article posted on arXiv

As part of the ORAQL project in collaboration with the GTRI QIS group, we examined how the management of ancilla affects the time and fidelity of error correction. The results are now posted on the arXiv: Comparison of ancilla preparation and measurement procedures for the Steane [[7,1,3]] code on a model ion trap quantum computer, arXiv:1305.0349.

GTRI microwave trap article posted on arXiv

Our paper with collaborators at GTRI, Spatially uniform single-qubit gate operations with near-field microwaves and compensating pulses was posted on the arXiv. You can see the article here

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