Rene Rugango defends PhD thesis

Rene successfully defends his thesis Spectroscopy of molecular ions in Coulomb crystals.  Congratulations Rene!
Rene's thesis builds off his three publications listed below:
Trapping and sympathetic cooling of Boron ions, R. Rugango, M. Sinhal, G. Shu, and K. R. Brown, arXiv:1609.09521 (2016)
Vibronic spectroscopy of sympathetically cooled CaH+, R. Rugango, A.T. Calvin, S. Janardan, G. Shu, and K. R. Brown, ChemPhysChem, Early Online (2016)
Sympathetic cooling of molecular ion motion to the ground state, R. Rugango, J. E. Goeders, T. H. Dixon, J. M. Gray, N. Khanyile, G. Shu, R. J. Clark, and K. R. Brown, New J. Phys. 17, 035009 (2015)